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Easy Common Computer Mistakes


Easy Common Computer Mistakes

No Backups (Backing up is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do)
[_] Backup of the Startup Drive (This is called drive imaging - and duplicates the entire drive and it’s boot capability)
[_] Backup of your user’s folder (This is a backup of your documents, music, and photos)
[_] Backup of your external drives (These are typically your files and need to be backed up to another device)
[_] Backup of large or complex documents versions as you change them (This is called versioning or incremental)
No Monthly Maintenance ( All Operating Systems should be cleaned monthly )
[_] Windows ( CCleaner and Defraggler are simple, fast and free - )
[_] Macintosh ( AppleJack and Onyx are fast and free - )
Ignoring Warnings (these things can warn you of imminent failures of hardware or software)
[_] Unusual Sounds (especially whines, rythmic clicking, and scraping noises) (fan or harddrive failure)
[_] Visual Clues (folder contents take a long time to appear, screens flashes or screen areas are garbled)
[_] Error Messages (either in a specific program or the desktop or Finder)
Information Loss (write it down in three places, one on a red piece of paper taped to the ceiling)
WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN (in three places, one taped to the ceiling)
[_] Lose Purchase information -Date, where, when, warranty (warranty is increased with AmEx)
[_] Lose my Adminstrator System Login Password (not so easibly recovered or reset)
[_] Lose my User’s Password (can be reset by an Admin Account)
[_] Lose my email password (contact email provider to reset password)
[_] Lose my Facebook, MySpace, other website login passwords (recovered easily)
[_] Lose my Serial Numbers for software I did not register or was downlouded. (can be costly)
[_] Change my email and have to reregister on some websites that use email for login
Knowing my Computer
Know the CPU, the CPU speed, RAM, HD size, HD freespace at the least.
[_] Windows about my computer utilities
System Information for Windows
Everest Home
[_] Macintosh about my computer
Applications folder > Utilities > Apple Profiler [save as]
External Mistakes [sorted by how common the mistake is]
[_] Losing or loaning Computer or software install CD / DVDs
They should be kept in one place, a place very easy to find.
Do not loan originals, loan a copy.
[_] Using Computer during lightning or wind storm
If the power goes out catastrophically, the power surge can damage electronics.
Shutting down and unplugging electronic is the safest practice.
[_] Turn off your computer using the switch on the power bar. This can damage things.
Windows. click Start, choose “Turn Off Computer”, Turn Off.
Mac click under Apple Menu, “Shut Down” OR use Power key on keyboard, if you have one.
[_] Stretch computer cables too tight or where they can be tripped on
This can damage the cable or the port on the computer it is plugged into, especially laptop power ports.
[_] Setting liquids within spilling distance of the keyboard and computer
Set a stool nearby to keep your coffee cup on.
[_] Plug the computer into power strips that spark when you plug things in
The power strip is not only inadequate and maybe faulty, but dangerous. (A decent surge protector costs $20 or more)
[_] Moving a computer with devices or cables plugged in.
Dangling cords can damage the plugs or connectors on the computer or the cables.
[_] Fail to label power cubes for each device (nost are not properly labelled)
Plugging in the wrong power cube can destroy a device.
[_] Set the computer in direct sunlight
It can overheat and randomly fail due to heat build up. (it is difficult to diagnose random errors)
[_] Allow fans to become clogged with animal hair and debris
It can overheat and randomly fail due to heat build up.
[_] Vacuum the clogged fans (areas of the country have less static electricity)
Vacuums can generate static electricity and damage computers and electronics. (Less danger with plastic vacuum parts).
[_] Allow pets or children to walk on the keyboard
I have seen inverted screens, and file deletion from random keystrokes.
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