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Subject: MacBook Pro 10.5.8

Ok I have a Mac Book Pro 10.5.8 and it seems that the Capacity is about 150 GB and the available (amount of space left) is about 54 GB. So my first question is, does "capacity" mean how much room is on the Laptop altogether excluding how much has already been used? As in, the amount of space that has been on the lap top before I even bought it.
and my second question is, since there is about 54 GB left, what am I suppose to do NOW to be prepared for when I run out of room? Buy another "Hard drive" or "Internal Drive" or what? I'm not too educated with this but than again I'm not completely ignorant with computers neither.
And my last question is, I'm planning to buy an External Hard Drive to back up everything in my computer, and I mean everything because my LIFE is on the Laptop, so what would you suggest is the best SIZE and KIND to get? People were saying 1 Terabyte, but if I only have 154 GB "Capacity" (and I'm assuming that's how much room is in the computer altogether) then shouldn't I only need an External Hard Drive of about 200 GB?

p.s. I would hope to get the cheapest yet not bad quality external hard drive.
Your answers are greatly apprecited! Thank you.!

You can download Grand Perspective and it will show you graphically what and how big your files are.
If you download AppleJack, install and run it monthly, it will keep your hard drive in better shape and do a little to keep congestion lower.,150670/printable.html

When you attach a drive, Time Machine will offer to use it for it's backup destination. This is convenient and should be enough. Unfortunately, Time Machine can fail and need to start over.

You can partition a hard drive into two or more separate partitions with Disk Utility in the utility folder in applications.

Other World Computing is a good place to buy harddrives.
I really like their VoyagerQ and the Guardian Maximus (look at the awards at the bottom)
( is also a good place to find deals) will show you the best deals on the net as of right now

Macintouch Forum about Backup

A story about hard drive disaster

Your bootable hard drive is valuable it can be backed up with SuperDuper!
A free and very easy disk image utility (Carbon Copy Cloner also is good)

You can see my Backup Basics HTML Newsletter here

Backing up is good!! (I do file recovery and sometimes it is very sad)
David Anders
The Computer Guy, Seattle

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How To Kill and Destroy Your Email

A Simple Guide View Online

  • Get a lot of email - real and spam.
  • Track two or four or six email accounts in your email client.
  • Care about your email.
  • Choose an Email Client that keeps everything in one file - Entourage and Outlook are the most popular.
  • Delete emails and don't empty the TRASH - YES, you have to empty the trash
  • Do not Compact your email database.
  • Do not file your emails into folders, keep them all in INBOX.
  • Keep eight years of SENT Emails (and attachments)
  • Keep eight years of email with their attachments.
  • When you discover you have too many emails in the SENT or TRASH folder, try to delete too many at a time.
  • Do not know your POP or IMAP email settings - including server names, ports, email ID and password

Case Study One
Mac Mini OSX 10.6.4 Entourage Office 2001
Entourage Email Database Size 2.86 Gb
Entourage 2001 did not open, database compact and database repair did not work.
Entourage 2004 WAS able to import the emails and addressbook.
The addressbook was not backed up and was IMMEDIATELY exported as a Tab Deliminated File. This was imported into Mac and Thunderbird as backups.

Case Study Two
Mac MacBook Pro OSX 10.5.8 Entourage Office 2004
Entourage Email Database Size 4.26 Gb
NINE YEARS of Sent email in the Sent Folder (8256 emails) - never deleted.
Entourage 2004 did not open, database compact and database repair did not work.
Entourage 2008 WAS able to import the emails and addressbook but the database was still corrupted and unusable (spinning beachball).
Thunderbird was unable to import.
Fortunately, the Desktop Mac also had the email database, and had been cleaned up a little more often.
This was a recent case and the results are not in, yet.

Email Backup - IMPORTANT

If you feel your email records are important, and you do not backup your email, you are seeking disaster.

Macintosh - Email Backup is an easy to use, automated email backup solution. I have not tested this utility extensively. There is a free and pro version $10

Windows - Static Email Backup can easy backup your message store from Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Becky!, Thunderbird, IncrediMail and Eudora. $50 for all client support $25 for one client.
Download Trial

No Backup - Try To Recover

This is a long shot. You should backup and do maintenance.
Relying on recover is a fool's bet.
Signs of Damage
There may be an error message on opening the Email Client with or without options for repair.
The email client may just not open.
Emails may not send or recieve with or without an error message..
Option ONE
Upgrade the email client.
If Entourage 2004 does not open, if you install Entourage 2008, it MAY be able to import all the email, addressbook and other pieces.
Option TWO
There may be a utility that can recover your email and addresses.
Option THREE
Another email client MAY be able to import the elements without opening the damaged file.

Email Maintenance - IMPORTANT

Almost All Email Clients require monthly maintanence.
If not done, you can lose all your emails and addressbook.
If the email database becomes too large, if it is not compacted once in a while, or rebuilt the danger of loss increases.
Sending an email to the trash is not enough, you have to empty the trash also.

Macintosh Entourage - Start Entourage with option key down and select Compact database: Use this option to compact and to back up the current database files. You can use this option to help recover some space from the database.
SEE Entourage HowTo
Why It’s Critically Important to Backup Entourage

Mac and Win Thunderbird - To reclaim that space for the current account and compact folders in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla:
* Select File | Compact Folders from the menu.
If your folders are big and you have deleted lots of (large) messages since the last compacting, this can take some time.
Thunderbird Tips

Windows Outlook -
The larger your PST file gets, the more chances are for it to become damaged. This happens because, while the PST file size is increasing, Outlook needs more and more resources to complete your tasks, so it becomes slower and more prone to errors.
To Force Compact Databse
In folder view, right click on Personal Folders
click on Properties for "Personal Folders"
Click on the Advanced... button
Click Compact Now button
How to repair Outlook folders
Outlook Tips

Email Help & Support

Helpful Emails - The Other Basic Subjects

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Send Fancy Emails for Free


Why Send Me This Fancy Email?

Keeping current Business is easier than finding New Business
I had several clients ask about web promotion methods. Another asked for help with sending an HTML email party invitation for their clients. The times and the economy seemed to make this a good topic for MY first HTML email. The interest was in simple and inexpensive. Something that looked good and did not require website design skills.
== At the top of this email is a Banner. It is 590 pixels wide. Make your banner 590 pixels wide or it will be resized. It can be most any height you want. ==
== Below the Banner is a Section Title with larger bold text. ==
== This is a Text block. It could be moved to any location in this stack of blocks.
There is a video on YouTube demonstrating the process of setting up MadMimi HERE ==
== Below this text is a Divider line. ==
This email was done at MadMimi an html email site that allows unlimited emails to a hundred email addresses for free. Meaning you can send an email like this to one hundred friends or clients, once or ten times a month, for free.
The other site that offers a similiar 3 free emails a month to 500 addressees is MailChimp. MailChimp also has a feature comparison chart.
Both allow you to upgrade your free account when the limited number of email addresses is not enough.
Note that this picture and text block wraps around the image at the left when the text extended below the image.
== This is a Left image and text block. It could be dragged and dropped to any location in this stack of blocks. The picture is 180 pixels wide and whatever height you want. You can add an html link to the picture, so that your audience can click and go to your website or another webpage. ==
A few of the other fancy email services
== This is a Right image and text block. The picture is 180 pixels wide and whatever height you want. You can add an html link to the picture, so that your audience can click and go to your website or another webpage. ==

The two challenging tasks are graphic preparation, and contact list setup.

One of the most involved tasks is exporting your email addresses to a document so you can choose which hundred you will upload to your email service, in this case Madmimi.
Madmimi allows you to type in your email addresses (five at a time)
Madmimi also allows copy and paste of email addresses.
And then there is the import of a Comma Delimited File exported from your addressbook.
I am preparing some PDFs to help with that. Basically, you export a comma delimited file from your addressbook. If you have the option, only export the contacts you want to use. If you can NOT choose the contacts to export, you will use one of the following techniques.
Open the exported file in a word processor (poor choice), spreadsheet (better), database (better, yet), or an address manager that has good import and export options (best option). Delete the unneeded addresses, export the remaining to a CSV and upload to Macmimi.
Palm Desktop is a free download for both Windows and Mac that has good addressbook management tools.
I hope you found this email interesting. My near future emails will deal with backups, both choosing software and hardware. The following ones will discuss hard drive replacement and recovering data from a failing harddrive.
Note At the top of this email are THREE options
View this email on the web here • You can also forward this email to a friend • Unsubscribe
Madmimi keeps track of the unsubscribes for you.
View this email online HERE
AND you can FORWARD THIS email to your friends. (maybe they would be interested???)
I know, you're thinking this is pretty simple. Yes, it is simple. Sometimes, elegance is found in simplicity. (and sometimes, not)

This is an Image only block (400 pixels wide and variable height)

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Build Your Web Presence

Check your Local Presence at this site
I have a website, a blog, and an email address.
Shouldn't I just hire a SEO company to get noticed online?
That is an option, depending on your online business, and your expectations, it may or may not be the optimal solution.
You may find that extending your online presence may be more inexpensive and useful.
If your site has a place for purchase, it may be just as effective to create a set of yournamepromote set of blogs, websites, twitter, linkedin, biznik accounts to point to your existing website.

Building Your Web Presence

Increasing Your Web Presence

All Things Google require a Google Account
Your Google Account user name will also be your Gmail address.
With everyone on Gmail, it is unlikely that is available (although, I just setup a client with a 6 letter gmail account)
I am designing a database so that all the following steps can be documented - no losing passwords or usernames.
Save the data and pictures used at each step - you will need them tor the next step
Create a Google Account
Google Account Setup
Create a Google Personal Profile
Personal Profile Setup . . . . . . . . . . About Google Profiles
Create a Google Local Business Profile
Create Business Profile . . . . . . . . . About Google Business Profile
Create a Google Blog
Create Google Blog . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Blogs
Create a Google Website
Create Google Site . . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Google Sites
Create a Picasa Account For your photos and images
Create Picasa Site . . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Picasa
Create a Wix website - a free flash website
Create a Webs website - a free website
Why Do This?
Free, Easy, and will have links to your main website
Create a Yahoo Local Business Listing
Create Yahoo Local Listing . . . . . . . . . . About Yahoo Local Listings
Create a Flickr Account For your photos and images
Create Flickr Account . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .About Flickr
Also allows / requires a Yahoo Account to be setup.
Create a Bing Local Business Listing Requires a or email account
Create Bing Local Listing . . . . . . . . . . . . About Bing Local Listings
Create a Wordpress Blog
Create Wordpress Blog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . About Wordpress Blogs
Create a Posterous Account
Posterous Account Signup . . . . . . . . . . . About Posterous
Used to send Blog entries to multiple blogs with just one email.
Create a Tumblr Account
Tumblr Account Signup . . . . . . . . . . . About Tumblr
Used to send Blog entries to multiple blogs with just one email.
Create a Madmimi Account
Create Madmimi Account . . . . . . . . . .. . . About Madmimi
Used to send this fancy HTML email.
Create a Facebook Account
Create Facebook Account . . . . . . . . . .. . . About Facebook
Create a Linkedin Account
Create Linkdedin Account . . . . . . . . . .. . . About Linkedin
Create a Biznik Account
Create Biznik Account . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . .About Biznik
Local Search Engines & Providers
Because People Under 40 Don’t Use the Yellow Pages Book Anymore.
4 Elements of a Successful Business Web Presence
"What’s the most important piece of your business’s web presence?"
These are the basics and a very good start.
These are the FIRST steps to doing online promotion.
These are FREE setups and can be done with some time and data gathering.
One of the first things to do is gather your contact email addresses.
If you would like to know more, contact me
Some things depend
If you are an artist, photographer, sculptor, or videographer you will add items.
If you are a restaurant owner, you will add different things (yelp, for instance)
You may need to narrowly focus your efforts, looking for return on investment.
You may need to use niche marketing if you are a physical therapist or musician.
My Experiences
I approached the tests I performed with skepticism. I am continuing to be surprised on the results of my promotion tests. If you search for "david anders Seattle" or "computer guy Seattle", I will usually be on the first page. Obviously, this is variable on the search terms and location and your competitors and your name and your business name. I am often swamped without the Seattle term, because there is a popular actor that took the same name.
A Google Search for "david anders seattle" Here
A Google Search for "computer guy seattle" Here
If you know someone interested in this information, forward it to them with this link. FORWARD
(their email addresses are not saved and are deleted after use)
You can view this document on a webpage HERE
David Anders The Computer Guy, Seattle
Seattle On-Site Computer Help . . . . . . . . Problem Solving
206 286-8438 . . . . .
These Icons are Links to my other web connections. You can add them easily with Madmimi.
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Free Self Promotion Online Google Local Business


Self Promotion Online for Free


Put a Personal Profile on Google
You need a Gmail account - Get A Gmail Account
With everyone on Gmail, it is unlikely that is available (although, I do have
Save the data and pictures used at each step - you will need them tor the next step
Create a Google Personal Profile (requires a Gmail Account)
Personal Profile Setup
A Google search for “david anders” will bring up the links and sites for the actor David Anders
(this is his first and middle name, his given last name is Hart)
My Personal Profile is listed on the first search page in a special area for Personal Profiles...
The next entry for me is on Page 10 of the Google Search for ‘David Anders”
Can I fight this actor’s Google Presence? Probably not.
BUT NOTE: My personal profile appears on the first page
A Google Search for “david anders seattle”
I have the first three entties, and the sixth through eighth of ten. AND my personal profile is on the first page.
Create a Google Local Business Profile (requires a Gmail Account)
Create Business Profile
Blog About Google Business Profile
Add Videos To Your Google Local Business Profile
Articles that explain Other Local Business Listing options.
Links to sign up for free (except for Universal)
10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm Feb 16, 2007
Guide to Google Local Search
Guide to Yahoo Local Search
Yahoo Signup
Guide to MSN Local Search (now it is BING)
Bing Local Sigup
Universal Business Listing Signup $30 Listing
Free Join, Free listing Insider Pages
Local Search Engines & Providers
Cause People Under 40 Don’t Use the Yellow Pages Book Anymore.
IF you know someone that may be interested in this information, you can forward it to them with the link at the bottom of the page. OR you can opt out of any further emails like this from me.
This is the second HTML Email that I have sent, posted to my blogs, websites, and CMS,
and posted on craigslist and epages.
Most of the options have been used, except keyword optimization.
My Email
My Phone 206 286-8438
My Other websites
My Drupal CMS on my Website
My WordPress Blog on my Website
My Blog on
My DibSpace webpage
David Anders The Computer Guy, Seattle
On-site Computer Help
206 286-8438
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Monthly Maintenance Macintosh Windows, David Anders, The Computer Guy


Monthly Maintenance - Do you mean me? . . . View Online

Why Monthly Maintenance?
All computer operating systems should have Monthly Maintenance done.
Just like all computers should be given a short nap once a week.
(for a computer, a short nap is a restart or shut down for a minute - memory is reset)
What will happen if I dont't?
  • Maybe nothing. Maybe something annoying.
  • Maybe something really bad.

Windows - Monthly Maintenance - Windows

Bare minimum for your Windows Monthly Maintenance

Mac OSX - Monthly Maintenance - Mac OSX

For OSX 10.4 (Tiger) thru 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • AppleJack is a wondrous utility that keeps things clean and can repair problems, even if you cannot login to OSX.
    Download AppleJack About AppleJack
  • Onyx can do 4 of the 5 functions of AppleJack, and many additional functions. Highly Recommended.
    Onyx Downloads
Install Onyx as well as AppleJack .

Monthly Maintenance - Wrapup

View this document in a web browser for printing Here
Start your Monthly Maintenance Today!! Please.

Thank you.
For Further info, just email me

Helpful Emails - The Other Basic Subjects

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