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Subject: MacBook Pro 10.5.8

Ok I have a Mac Book Pro 10.5.8 and it seems that the Capacity is about 150 GB and the available (amount of space left) is about 54 GB. So my first question is, does "capacity" mean how much room is on the Laptop altogether excluding how much has already been used? As in, the amount of space that has been on the lap top before I even bought it.
and my second question is, since there is about 54 GB left, what am I suppose to do NOW to be prepared for when I run out of room? Buy another "Hard drive" or "Internal Drive" or what? I'm not too educated with this but than again I'm not completely ignorant with computers neither.
And my last question is, I'm planning to buy an External Hard Drive to back up everything in my computer, and I mean everything because my LIFE is on the Laptop, so what would you suggest is the best SIZE and KIND to get? People were saying 1 Terabyte, but if I only have 154 GB "Capacity" (and I'm assuming that's how much room is in the computer altogether) then shouldn't I only need an External Hard Drive of about 200 GB?

p.s. I would hope to get the cheapest yet not bad quality external hard drive.
Your answers are greatly apprecited! Thank you.!

You can download Grand Perspective and it will show you graphically what and how big your files are.
If you download AppleJack, install and run it monthly, it will keep your hard drive in better shape and do a little to keep congestion lower.,150670/printable.html

When you attach a drive, Time Machine will offer to use it for it's backup destination. This is convenient and should be enough. Unfortunately, Time Machine can fail and need to start over.

You can partition a hard drive into two or more separate partitions with Disk Utility in the utility folder in applications.

Other World Computing is a good place to buy harddrives.
I really like their VoyagerQ and the Guardian Maximus (look at the awards at the bottom)
( is also a good place to find deals) will show you the best deals on the net as of right now

Macintouch Forum about Backup

A story about hard drive disaster

Your bootable hard drive is valuable it can be backed up with SuperDuper!
A free and very easy disk image utility (Carbon Copy Cloner also is good)

You can see my Backup Basics HTML Newsletter here

Backing up is good!! (I do file recovery and sometimes it is very sad)
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