Thursday, February 10, 2011

February - Spring Specials Blog


Special Two Hour Spring Cleanup for $45 . . . View Online

Why Offer This?
. Most Everyone neglects their organization during Seattle's cloudy time .
. Backups that are not done.
. Files that are scattered.
. Monthly Maintenance undone or ignored.
. Questions unanswered, or researched.
. Mom finger wagging undone tasks.
Promotions are recommeded for most businesses - this my first MailChimp promotion

  • Two Hours. You choose the Time. You choose the Place.
  • You choose the Tasks.
  • Get a jump on your spring cleaning.
  • $45

Call Now! Limited Offer! Email Me!

Windows and Macintosh - A Free Database for Your Passwords

  • I got tired of losing my passwords and user names.
    A few months ago, I created a database for my use.
    I added and changed and updated it.

  • I have been using Filemaker for years. the advanced version allows you to create runtime databases that do not require a copy of Filemaker. You may have used one without realizing it was a Filemaker database.

  • If you would like to test version one The links below will download a zipped folder about 12Mb in size.
    Folder is named or
    The folder can be placed anywhere on your harddrive - even on a flash drive for easy transport.
    Just do not remove or move anything in the folder. Within the folder just Click on "My Passwords" to start the database.
    Any feedback would be welcome.

You can download the Windows version here

You can download the Macintosh version here

Mac OSX - Monthly Maintenance - Windows Reminder

Do your Monthly Maintenance Today
It is very important that you do this.

Check your Backups Today
Backups are important, but if you don't test them by retrieving a file or two, you DO NOT KNOW if they are working properly.

Build Your Web Presence - My Results

Two years ago, I had very little presence on the internet. A search for me would turn up an ancient website I did more than a decade ago.
Several clients asked about promoting themselves and their businesses on the Web.
After eight months of testing, learning, reading, researching and redoing, this is the result of a Google Search for "david anders seattle". I have to add seattle to the search because there is an actor using the alias of David Anders. His web presence overwhelms any search done just for my name.
Eight out of ten links on the first page are my connections, blogs and websites.

There is a Madmimi Newsletter about expanding your web presence, your internet footprint, your standing in searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing that I sent to some several months ago.
The second one is about claiming your business listings on these services. (Yes, your business liisting exists, claiming it and customiziing it costs nothing but some of your time.
Build Your Web Presence
Google Local Business

This is without paying for anyone's help or paying for listings.
You can do the same. There are 15 or 20 options that have appeared since I began the ressearch.
REMEMBER 15 to 30 year olds do not use the Yellow Pages.

How long did it take for you to create this?

I had most of the graphics ready. I did not have the layout or text prepared.
It took 2 hours on a Monday afternoon.
If I had had the layout and text prepared, it would have taken 15 minutes.
This is a test of the newsletter on
(you can send unlimited emails to 100 hundred email addresses)
The goal is to send this through - I haven't sent one from there, yet.
(you can send up to 12,000 emails a month to up to 2000 email addresses.)

This is my first MadMimi Newsletter (it's about sending MadMimi newsletters)
Send Fancy HTML Emails
Links to my other MadMimi Newsletters are listed below.

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Thank you.
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