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AllExperts Question July 2011, PowerMac G4 can not modify CD-RW

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PowerMac G4 - OSX 10.4.11

I cannot modify a CDRW  even though I am the administrator . Get Info shows my name as owner
the read write is dimmed, the access is dimmed, the Ignore Ownership is checked but I still have no  control over the the disk.It tells me it cannot be modified. What gives


Internal CD drive? - look in System Profiler and check the Disc Burning - the drive may not be a CD-RW drive.
Can't modify A CD-RW? Or ANY CD-RW?
Have you ever been able to do this?
If you have, what brand was able to be modified? Using the same brand now?
Was the CD-RW created on your computer? Was it created on a Mac? If created on a PC, there can be problems with modification, or it can be locked.
I would test with a New Blank CD-RW and test.
Highlight the CD-RW and get info. Uncheck Ignore Ownership, close Get Info, open it again, and see if the options have changed.
You can look up your computer's specs at

Start up in Safe Mode (shift key down)  check the status -  there may be non apple software interfering.
Open Disk Utility (utilities folder) and see what it says about the CD

Doing monthly maintenance is a good idea.
I use AppleJack most frequently

Good Luck
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