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How To Kill and Destroy Your Email

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  • Get a lot of email - real and spam.
  • Track two or four or six email accounts in your email client.
  • Care about your email.
  • Choose an Email Client that keeps everything in one file - Entourage and Outlook are the most popular.
  • Delete emails and don't empty the TRASH - YES, you have to empty the trash
  • Do not Compact your email database.
  • Do not file your emails into folders, keep them all in INBOX.
  • Keep eight years of SENT Emails (and attachments)
  • Keep eight years of email with their attachments.
  • When you discover you have too many emails in the SENT or TRASH folder, try to delete too many at a time.
  • Do not know your POP or IMAP email settings - including server names, ports, email ID and password

Case Study One
Mac Mini OSX 10.6.4 Entourage Office 2001
Entourage Email Database Size 2.86 Gb
Entourage 2001 did not open, database compact and database repair did not work.
Entourage 2004 WAS able to import the emails and addressbook.
The addressbook was not backed up and was IMMEDIATELY exported as a Tab Deliminated File. This was imported into Mac and Thunderbird as backups.

Case Study Two
Mac MacBook Pro OSX 10.5.8 Entourage Office 2004
Entourage Email Database Size 4.26 Gb
NINE YEARS of Sent email in the Sent Folder (8256 emails) - never deleted.
Entourage 2004 did not open, database compact and database repair did not work.
Entourage 2008 WAS able to import the emails and addressbook but the database was still corrupted and unusable (spinning beachball).
Thunderbird was unable to import.
Fortunately, the Desktop Mac also had the email database, and had been cleaned up a little more often.
This was a recent case and the results are not in, yet.

Email Backup - IMPORTANT

If you feel your email records are important, and you do not backup your email, you are seeking disaster.

Macintosh - Email Backup is an easy to use, automated email backup solution. I have not tested this utility extensively. There is a free and pro version $10

Windows - Static Email Backup can easy backup your message store from Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Becky!, Thunderbird, IncrediMail and Eudora. $50 for all client support $25 for one client.
Download Trial

No Backup - Try To Recover

This is a long shot. You should backup and do maintenance.
Relying on recover is a fool's bet.
Signs of Damage
There may be an error message on opening the Email Client with or without options for repair.
The email client may just not open.
Emails may not send or recieve with or without an error message..
Option ONE
Upgrade the email client.
If Entourage 2004 does not open, if you install Entourage 2008, it MAY be able to import all the email, addressbook and other pieces.
Option TWO
There may be a utility that can recover your email and addresses.
Option THREE
Another email client MAY be able to import the elements without opening the damaged file.

Email Maintenance - IMPORTANT

Almost All Email Clients require monthly maintanence.
If not done, you can lose all your emails and addressbook.
If the email database becomes too large, if it is not compacted once in a while, or rebuilt the danger of loss increases.
Sending an email to the trash is not enough, you have to empty the trash also.

Macintosh Entourage - Start Entourage with option key down and select Compact database: Use this option to compact and to back up the current database files. You can use this option to help recover some space from the database.
SEE Entourage HowTo
Why It’s Critically Important to Backup Entourage

Mac and Win Thunderbird - To reclaim that space for the current account and compact folders in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla:
* Select File | Compact Folders from the menu.
If your folders are big and you have deleted lots of (large) messages since the last compacting, this can take some time.
Thunderbird Tips

Windows Outlook -
The larger your PST file gets, the more chances are for it to become damaged. This happens because, while the PST file size is increasing, Outlook needs more and more resources to complete your tasks, so it becomes slower and more prone to errors.
To Force Compact Databse
In folder view, right click on Personal Folders
click on Properties for "Personal Folders"
Click on the Advanced... button
Click Compact Now button
How to repair Outlook folders
Outlook Tips

Email Help & Support

Helpful Emails - The Other Basic Subjects

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