Monday, September 27, 2010

Send Fancy Emails for Free


Why Send Me This Fancy Email?

Keeping current Business is easier than finding New Business
I had several clients ask about web promotion methods. Another asked for help with sending an HTML email party invitation for their clients. The times and the economy seemed to make this a good topic for MY first HTML email. The interest was in simple and inexpensive. Something that looked good and did not require website design skills.
== At the top of this email is a Banner. It is 590 pixels wide. Make your banner 590 pixels wide or it will be resized. It can be most any height you want. ==
== Below the Banner is a Section Title with larger bold text. ==
== This is a Text block. It could be moved to any location in this stack of blocks.
There is a video on YouTube demonstrating the process of setting up MadMimi HERE ==
== Below this text is a Divider line. ==
This email was done at MadMimi an html email site that allows unlimited emails to a hundred email addresses for free. Meaning you can send an email like this to one hundred friends or clients, once or ten times a month, for free.
The other site that offers a similiar 3 free emails a month to 500 addressees is MailChimp. MailChimp also has a feature comparison chart.
Both allow you to upgrade your free account when the limited number of email addresses is not enough.
Note that this picture and text block wraps around the image at the left when the text extended below the image.
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A few of the other fancy email services
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The two challenging tasks are graphic preparation, and contact list setup.

One of the most involved tasks is exporting your email addresses to a document so you can choose which hundred you will upload to your email service, in this case Madmimi.
Madmimi allows you to type in your email addresses (five at a time)
Madmimi also allows copy and paste of email addresses.
And then there is the import of a Comma Delimited File exported from your addressbook.
I am preparing some PDFs to help with that. Basically, you export a comma delimited file from your addressbook. If you have the option, only export the contacts you want to use. If you can NOT choose the contacts to export, you will use one of the following techniques.
Open the exported file in a word processor (poor choice), spreadsheet (better), database (better, yet), or an address manager that has good import and export options (best option). Delete the unneeded addresses, export the remaining to a CSV and upload to Macmimi.
Palm Desktop is a free download for both Windows and Mac that has good addressbook management tools.
I hope you found this email interesting. My near future emails will deal with backups, both choosing software and hardware. The following ones will discuss hard drive replacement and recovering data from a failing harddrive.
Note At the top of this email are THREE options
View this email on the web here • You can also forward this email to a friend • Unsubscribe
Madmimi keeps track of the unsubscribes for you.
View this email online HERE
AND you can FORWARD THIS email to your friends. (maybe they would be interested???)
I know, you're thinking this is pretty simple. Yes, it is simple. Sometimes, elegance is found in simplicity. (and sometimes, not)

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