Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Self Promotion Online Google Local Business


Self Promotion Online for Free


Put a Personal Profile on Google
You need a Gmail account - Get A Gmail Account
With everyone on Gmail, it is unlikely that is available (although, I do have
Save the data and pictures used at each step - you will need them tor the next step
Create a Google Personal Profile (requires a Gmail Account)
Personal Profile Setup
A Google search for “david anders” will bring up the links and sites for the actor David Anders
(this is his first and middle name, his given last name is Hart)
My Personal Profile is listed on the first search page in a special area for Personal Profiles...
The next entry for me is on Page 10 of the Google Search for ‘David Anders”
Can I fight this actor’s Google Presence? Probably not.
BUT NOTE: My personal profile appears on the first page
A Google Search for “david anders seattle”
I have the first three entties, and the sixth through eighth of ten. AND my personal profile is on the first page.
Create a Google Local Business Profile (requires a Gmail Account)
Create Business Profile
Blog About Google Business Profile
Add Videos To Your Google Local Business Profile
Articles that explain Other Local Business Listing options.
Links to sign up for free (except for Universal)
10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm Feb 16, 2007
Guide to Google Local Search
Guide to Yahoo Local Search
Yahoo Signup
Guide to MSN Local Search (now it is BING)
Bing Local Sigup
Universal Business Listing Signup $30 Listing
Free Join, Free listing Insider Pages
Local Search Engines & Providers
Cause People Under 40 Don’t Use the Yellow Pages Book Anymore.
IF you know someone that may be interested in this information, you can forward it to them with the link at the bottom of the page. OR you can opt out of any further emails like this from me.
This is the second HTML Email that I have sent, posted to my blogs, websites, and CMS,
and posted on craigslist and epages.
Most of the options have been used, except keyword optimization.
My Email
My Phone 206 286-8438
My Other websites
My Drupal CMS on my Website
My WordPress Blog on my Website
My Blog on
My DibSpace webpage
David Anders The Computer Guy, Seattle
On-site Computer Help
206 286-8438
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