Sunday, June 5, 2011

LWP - Choosing a Password

If you plan to increase or begin your Local Web Promotion, choosing a password to use on all the sites and pages you create is one of the first steps.
Forgetting passwords (especially many passwords) is a common problem.
Choose a word that is 8 characters or longer.
Choose a word that contains an 'A' 'S' 'O' 'I' 'L'
Change the A to an @
Change the S to an $
Change the O to a 0 (zero)
Change the i to a ! (upside down i)
Change the l (el) to a 1 (one)
Some sites require all or some of these - letters, numbers, symbols, capital letters, lowercase letters.
Most sites require 8 or more characters.
Use a database or list to keep track of your sites, pages and passwords.
Write them down three times and tape one to the ceiling.
I have developed such a database and will post it online, soon.

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